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The function of nitrogen:

Because nitrogen is inert at room temperature, and not prone to breeding bacteria, it is widely used in the preservation and storage of beverages, fruits, vegetables, cakes, tea, herbs, pasta and other foods, which can fully maintain the original color, smell and taste; its storage quality is obviously better than mechanical refrigeration storage.

1. Food packaging

Nitrogen-filled packing is rapidly replacing traditional vacuum packing, used in fried food, puffed food, baked goods, fresh spliced agricultural products, special cheese and meat packaging, nitrogen-filled packing can better maintain food taste, taste and nutrition, and its applications are expected to be further developed.

Food deterioration takes place mostly because of oxidation reaction with the participation of oxygen, which promotes the multiplication of micro-organisms and bacteria, causing food spoilage. As a suffocating inert gas, N2 plays a role of suffocating and inhibiting bacteria multiplication in foods. The purpose of using N2 is to remove O2, slow down the oxidation and respiration of food; in addition, N2 has smaller solubility in water and oils, and foods’ adsorption of N2 is also smaller; therefore, it can be used as a good preservative gas for foods.

In addition, nitrogen-filled packing can also play a good protective role for the shape of the food inside, and prevent the crispy crunchy food products from being crushed, and prevent the packed food from being bonded together and thus deteriorated under the pressure caused by the imbalanced internal and external pressures. Even for foods with irregular shapes, it can still keep the food package surface look nice; it can reduce pleats on the packaging surface and thus protect the packaging materials from damages which may cause food spoilage.

2. Agitation of drinks

Oxygen dissolved in liquids and oils can cause them to precipitate. Oxygen in the liquids can make the drinks deteriorated and shorten shelf life. A method known as "agitating" (compressed gas agitates a liquid through a sprayer) is used. In the cause of processing, gaseous nitrogen is injected into the liquid; the nitrogen bubbles can remove oxygen to prevent non-carbonate drinks (juice, tea and milk) and cooking oils (peanut, olive, sunflower and rapeseed oils) from oxidation, spoilage and fading.

3. Nitrogen puffing

Other types of foods need adding gases to increase their volume. Using nitrogen to "fluff out" food oils, mayonnaise, bottled margarine or peanut oil can increase their volumes and expansion forces, thereby extending their lives.

Nitrogen’s applications in the food industry:

1. Nitrogen is used before compressing, blowing, and capping of beer, wine, fruit wine, or cooking oil, to remove oxygen and thus prevent the oxidation, spoilage and fading of non-carbonated soft drinks and edible oils. If corks are used, it can prevent the corks from getting molded.

2. Puffed/fried foods: it can prevent the foods from becoming soft and stale for containing even just a small amount of water; in addition, it can maintain the external packaging look good and protect the food from being crushed during transport.

3. Pastries, baked goods, and egg pies: nitrogen inflation can extend the preservation time, and prevent the foods from being crushed or deformed during transport.

4. Milk powder, soybean milk powder: a small amount of nitrogen is enough to prevent or reduce agglomeration caused by long squeezing and storage.

5. Grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables: the inflation of nitrogen can prevent harm from insect pests and other organisms; leaving a small amount of oxygen can reduce the respiration rate of fruits, to achieve evident fresh-keeping effect.

6. Candies, snack foods: mainly suitable for packaging with airtight bags.

Equipment Performance Features:

To meet the needs of food packaging, fruit and vegetable air-conditioned cold store and other industries for small-sized nitrogen generator, our company designed the YT small-sized food nitrogen generator series, which are featured by stable and reliable operation, convenient startup and high nitrogen production speed, and do not require special operator trainings, in addition to compact structure, small floor area, convenient movability and so on.


Compressed air enters the small-sized nitrogen generator through the filter. Under the action of food-grade carbon molecular sieve, oxygen is absorbed by the sieve, and nitrogen is delivered to the point of use from the outlet, or proportioned with other gases. The PSA follows the principle of one working group and one regeneration group, so as to achieve the purpose of recycling.

Main technical parameters of YT-3 / 30Nm3 / h food preservation nitrogen generators:

Strict implementation of national food safety standards; nitrogen purity indicator of all food nitrogen-filled packing is higher than 99.9%.

Model Specifications

Nitrogen amount(Nm3/h)


Purity(%) Air pressure(Mpa) Nitrogen production pressure(Mpa) Dimensions(mm)
YT-3 3 5W ≥99.5 0.8 0.6


        NOTE: can inflate one pillow packing machines

YT-5 5 5W ≥99.5 0.8 0.6 530×560×1350
YT-5 5 0.5KW ≥99.5 0.8 0.6 1300×710×1350

  NOTE: can inflate two pillow packing machines or one vertical packaging machines

YT-10 10 1KW ≥99.5 0.8 0.1-0.65 1400×1150×1800

  NOTE: can inflate four pillow packing machines or two vertical packaging machines

YT-15 15 1.5KW ≥99.5 0.8 0.1-0.65 1450×1200×1800

  NOTE: can inflate five pillow packing machines or three vertical packaging machines

YT-20 20 2KW ≥99.5 0.8 0.1-0.65 1450×1200×1800

  NOTE: can inflate seven pillow packing machines or five vertical packaging machines

YT-30 30 2.5KW ≥99.5 0.8 0.1-0.65


NOTE: can inflate ten pillow packing machines or seven vertical packaging machines

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